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I was raised in Concordia, Kansas, the fourth of five children. My parents owned a construction company, so I spent my early years crawling all over excavating equipment, ruining my clothes and driving my parents crazy with questions about how things work. Mom and Dad were raised dirt poor and worked hard to provide us with everything that was needed and most of what was wanted. As you can imagine, we learned early the value of finding creative solutions to problems.

My formal education resulted in a couple of engineering degrees from Kansas State University. I began my career with Conoco, Inc.’s Management Development program. Busy building assets and managing operations in the petroleum industry, I had to carry two cell phones. One evening in 1999, both cell phones died and there was only one outlet readily available in my office. There was a problem that needed a solution! As all of us have come to realize, two bulky plugs don’t fit in a traditional outlet. Lord knows, I’m not a patient person. So after sailing one of the phones across the room in frustration, I set out for a solution to the large plug problem.

Later that year, my good friend's husband (and soon-to-be business partner), and I began discussing how to solve the problem. I sketched out the idea on a napkin and the games began! By 2001, Curtis and I received the first patent but we were so immersed in our other businesses, that we couldn’t find time to make the rotating outlet a reality. In the summer of 2004, after many prayers, I decided to leave the petroleum business in Texas, buy out my business partner, and devote all my efforts and resources to making this concept come to life. That’s when I officially started 360 Electrical in Salt Lake City, Utah. Within a year, we had a great factory lined up, started meeting with the big hardware chains and even won Best New Product with our introduction at The National Hardware Show in 2005.

Today, I am surrounded by a talented team that is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing some of the most innovative and high-quality electrical products on the market. I have no doubt that we are literally turning the electrical industry upside down. It has certainly been a long and interesting journey from grease-soaked clothes to the global world of the electrical device business. But my small town upbringing in an innovative problem-solving family has served me well. So when you get that knowing smile the first time you take one of our outlets for a spin, don’t thank me… thank my family, my team, and God, the King of all problem solvers.

Kim Gerard
Inventor and Owner


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